Top MedSpa & Wellness Center in Philadelphia

We are a MedSpa & Wellness Center called Love and Life Wellness, LLC, located in Philadelphia. Our passion is helping our clients achieve their wellness goals and ultimately lead healthier and happier lives. With a commitment to the latest research and technology, we provide the safest and most effective treatments.

Our comprehensive range of services, including Liquid Lipo Injections, Medical Weight Management, Vitamin Injections, Body Contouring, Hair Restoration, Vaginal Rejuvenation, and IV Hydration, is designed to support our clients in reaching their goals and optimizing their health. However, it’s not just about the services we offer. We prioritize creating a warm and friendly atmosphere where our clients feel at ease, allowing them to focus on their journey to success.

Self-care and wellness are at the heart of what we do. We offer treatments that not only improve your overall health but also elevate your confidence and beauty. For example, our IV Hydration therapy revitalizes your body and enhances skin health and hydration. Our body contouring services help fine-tune your shape and sculpt your body. Additionally, our customized weight management plans and vaginal rejuvenation services address specific needs and goals.

We understand that health and wellness encompass both physical and mental well-being. That’s why we empower our clients to make their own decisions in a no-pressure atmosphere. Our licensed state health professionals use their expertise to nourish and nurture your wellness, ensuring you receive top-quality care.

Our treatments not only improve physical health but also enhance self-esteem and confidence. We believe in providing holistic support to help you reach your goals. At Love and Life Wellness, LLC, we prioritize your needs and journey to better health.

Walettra Enoch

About the CEO

CEO, Walettra Enoch is a board-certified nurse practitioner. Aside from medspa services at Love and Life Wellness LLC, Walettra also provides primary care needs to the community. “I am truly passionate about the work I do. I believe in caring for the whole person. I enjoy becoming an integral part of my clients’ goals as well as giving back to the community with passionate care. Helping individuals deal with the challenges of life and collaborating with them to support the achievement of their health and wellness goals is fulfilling. I want to educate individuals and caregivers to help maximize their healthcare outcomes. My dream is to help every client live their best life while achieving their health, wellness, and confidence goals.”

Walettra is a leading professional and true artist in the nursing and medspa industry which has led her to become well-trusted by clients. She has 17 years of experience in healthcare including medspa services, primary care, ICU, psychiatric, veteran, and drug/alcohol dual diagnosis partial hospital program experience. Her ability to provide knowledgeable information, as well as support and facilitate great service is unmatched. Let Walettra and the well-prepared professionals of Love and Life Wellness LLC enhance your journey as you reach your goals!

About the Physician

Love and Life Wellness is ran under the direction of Mina Siddiqui, MD. Mina Siddiqui, MD, is an internist with many years of experience within the medical field.